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Local Battalions are being set up across Canada where women can gather together once a month to learn about God's truth for their lives.   The battalions provide a platform for women to be launched into their God given destinies through love, support and encouragement!


  • To facilitate a movement of Spiritual Mothering/Fathering (Apostolic restoration) in Canada.

  • "Preparing the way" for a National outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

  • Turning the Heart of Canada back to the Heart of the Father resulting in National restoration of the family and spiritual revival in the church.

Battalions are free groups for women of all ages!  Workbooks will be made available for $20.00.

Email us for more information on how to start or join a battalion near you or join one listed below!


Quesnel, BC
Bethel Church: 143 Coach Road, 3rd Thursday of every month @ 7pm



Arthur, ON
FHHM/ King's Café: 101 George Street,  3rd Monday of every month @ 7pm-9pm - STARTS Monday, September, 16th, 2019.


Stratford, ON

The Festival Inn
Stratford Ontario Hotel
1144 Ontario Street
Stratford, ON, Canada, N5A 6Z3

Contact: Melissa McLaren  Click for Facebook page   


  • The rising up of spiritual Mothers and Fathers (Apostolic release) across Canada

  • Raising up and releasing men and women into their God-given identities and destinies as spiritual sons and daughters

  • Re-establishing and re-aligning foundational plumb lines in the body of Christ and in family relationships.

The destiny of Canada is directly linked to the destiny of Canada’s women. We are living in a strategic time. We are in transition as God moves between the generations to bring changes. I see an emerging generation of women - a passing of the baton and a rising up of forerunners making a way where there is no way...”preparing the way” of the Lord.

Belly Cast
In 2007, when I was 9 months pregnant the Lord spoke to me about making a belly cast. The belly cast was to be painted with an eagle partially wrapped in a Canadian flag (pictured below).

The Lord said this about the belly cast: 
It is both prophetic and symbolic-for I am about to birth a woman’s movement across this Nation. This movement will counter the ungodly movement of feminism and will operate in a Deborah type anointing , a warrior anointing. I am raising up an army of Mothers across Canada who will restore true femininity back into the culture of this nation.



The belly cast is the epitome of mothering - both spiritual and physical mothering.  One will directly impact the other. The rising up of spiritual mothers is key to the healing in physical mothering. Spiritual mothering is key to annihilating the sin of abortion in the hearts and actions of women. 

There will be a rising up of a generation of women whose hearts will be turned to their husbands and their children. And they will embrace their God-given identity and destiny as women who find their purpose first and foremost as a Daughter of the Father.

The movement of mothering will precede the movement of fathering because Canada was a motherless nation before it became a fatherless nation.  The Spirit of Elijah is upon the women who will "prepare the way" in turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.