Vision for Canadian Women of Destiny

In a vision I saw many women out in the sea of life.  I could only see their heads bobbing up and down in the water.  They were struggling trying to keep their heads up.  They looked like they were on the verge of drowning….just surviving, barely making it through their lives.  They looked tired and weary and they were struggling. I heard them groaning “Oh God if you don’t do something- I am going to go under”.  

I looked down under the water I saw why they were struggling.  There were huge heavy chains on their legs pulling and weighing them down.  I suddenly knew that these chains represented emotional wounds and they were like heavy tumors.  These emotional wounds were hurts including; rejection, depression, bitterness, unforgiveness, criticism, anger, disappointment and discouragement.  I knew that these women had believed many lies about themselves.

I was weeping while I watched this.  Suddenly, I heard the Lord say “Strengthen the women!”.  I watched as great beams of light appeared.  These beams were coming from the Lord and they looked like lasers. They were being released to the women. I knew that these great laser beams represented Revelation of the Father’s Love.  I watched as the lasers aimed straight for the chains around the legs of the women.

As the beams of light hit the chains; I saw the chains of bondage breaking apart and falling off!  As the chains fell from the women’s legs, I saw that they were healed and released from their emotional wounds.  The Father’s Love encountered each one and His emotions touched their damaged emotions and they were transformed and made whole.  Their orphan hearts were transformed into the hearts of Daughters.

The Father’s love empowered them and they began to rise up in the water.  I was stunned because I saw that these women were not designed to swim in the sea of life, rather as they rose up out of the waters with grace and freedom; one by one they began to dance upon the waters!  They were dancing the dance of freedom and dominion.  

The Father’s Love, the Father’s emotions empowered them to think and feel about themselves the way He did and these are His Canadian daughters - His Canadian Women of Destiny!